3-Way with Nikki Rae: 3 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

We all have felt heart break one way or another. But dealing with being cheated on is one of the worst scars you can ever get from a relationship. You know that “gut instinct” when something doesn’t feel right. But, how do you really know if your partner is creepin’?

Here are 3 ways to tell if your man or woman is cheating on you.

1.  Secretive/Defensive

If your partner begins to be secretive about everything they are doing, for NO REASON, that’s a pretty good sign they are hiding something…but what? Usually when a cheater is asked about their suspicious behavior they will most likely get defensive and start an argument or blow it way out of proportion. They start pointing fingers and accusing you of being crazy. Keep an eye out for this behavior, they are hiding something!

2. Doing The Most To Look Good

If your partner all of the sudden starts wanting to clean up their appearance, that may be a sign of cheating.  If out of nowhere they decide to switch it up, and get a new wardrobe, change their hair, start wearing makeup, or show a lil more skin than usual, this could be a sign they are cheating. Especially if they aren’t doing it for you, or care if you notice. That most likely means there’s someone else on their radar that they are trying to impress.

3. Loss of Intimacy 

This one is tricky. There can be several reasons for why your partner has lost interest in intimacy, such as depression or self esteem issues. But if you’ve ruled these out, they could be cheating. If you otherwise have a pretty normal and consistent love life with your partner, and all of a sudden things change, that could be a red flag. If they suddenly lose interest in being affectionate and/ or intimate, watch out! Usually cheaters are so focused on their new fling that they lose interest in their partner. Also, if they’re sleeping around, the last thing they are going to do is come home and be intimate with you, they’ve already got it somewhere else. Be wary of the change in affection.


Bonus Tip: TRUST YOUR GUT. We were born with the sense of intuition, so use it! If you start feeling somethings up, then it usually is.


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