4 Of The Craziest Things I’ve seen while DJing

It’s Bangarang from the 9 O’clock Block Party and Dirty 30 mix checkin in for your Friday!

In honor of it being the weekend, I’ve compiled a list of the top 4 Craziest things i’ve seen while playing or being at an event. I hope you enjoy.

1.The Girl Who Twerked Off Stage– This was actually pretty funny. It was a packed night at the club, the energy was high and people were enjoying themselves. It was honestly a good night. There was this girl there who had been working it all night I mean really into the music, dancing, just everything you want to see as a DJ. Well she got a little too into it and fell backwards off the stage. I feel bad for laughing but I saw it coming and watched her in what seemed like a slow motion tumble backwards off the stage.

2.The Girl On The Speaker– So this one here. Years ago when I first got in the game, some friends and I used to throw house parties in Provo. These are some of my favorite memories because it was good honest fun. No Money was involved, we would just round up speakers make an event on Facebook and people would show up. There was one particular party that I remember very distinctly. We had a connection with a sound guy and he let us borrow his big JBL sub. The thing rattled the whole house. Well on this night there was a girl sitting very promiscuously on top it of it who seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much, and i’m just going to leave that one right there.

3.The Guy Who Whipped It Out-You read that title right, the guy who whipped it out. It was one of my first residencies and I was excited. While djing I see these two guys start dancing and grinding on each other. Wasn’t a big deal it’s a dance floor, its what you do. Well, 10 minutes later I look over and the other guy has his hands down the other guys pants, once again no big deal. Well then, one of them whipped his thingy out and shows the other and they run off into a corner somewhere never to be seen again. This is a true story. The club shall remained unnamed.

4.The Night The Floor Collapsed- Going back to my Provo days, this was the final party and we knew it, but not for the reason we thought. There was a lot of drama going on with the crew and people were starting to get sick of one another so we decided that this would be our last party as a crew. The night started like any other night. We showed up set up and started to do our thing. We had over 400 people show up to this tiny house in Provo. As I’m djing I start playing shots or something high energy then all of a sudden, the table with our equipment shifts and damn near falls over. We kick everyone out only to find out the floor had collapsed. We go to the basement and look at the crawlspace underneath the living room to find that every single crossbeam had cracked. It was wild. No more parties in Provo.


I have a lot more stories to tell, but these are just my favorites. Let me know what you guys think!!


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