Logic Eats VERY Hot Wings, Solves Rubik’s Cube

The Hottest of the Hot Ones

Logic is one of the latest victims…errr…interviews on the infamous show, Hot Ones. The concept is simple. The host and the guest eat a series of 10 hot wings, each doused with a hotter and hotter sauce until the guest is in so much agony that they’ll pretty much say or do anything the host suggests. This show has a solid line of big-time guests from Seth Rogan and James Franco, to RZA, to DJ Kahid (who tapped out – sad), to Action Bronson, to Post Malone and more!

Watch Logic slowly melt and blow out a Rubik’s Cube while slaying some Jurassic Park triva in the climax of this hotter than hot episode of Hot Ones.

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