Nikki Rae’s “U Quote Of the Day”

“Learn to say no without explaining yourself”


We’ve all been there, said yes to someone when we really wanted to say no. We’ve agreed to plans or to help someone out when we didn’t  want to.

Im not sure why, but we’ve gotten into this weird habit where we feel uncomfortable saying no to things we aren’t interested in. Its like we have this guilt trip when we tell someone no, so we feel the need to apologize and explain why we don’t want to do something. Whether its a friend, family member or coworker, lean to create healthy boundaries for yourself.

Believe it or not, learning how to say no and be firm on your decision actually creates self esteem and self worth. The more you agree to things you feel like saying no to, the more people take advantage of your kindness. This in turn causes you to devalue yourself and your ability to say simply say no.

Start teaching yourself how to comfortably say no when you feel like it, and not having guilt for it.


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