#RollOutAdvice “The Gamer”

Yes we like to share DM’s.. but you can’t be mad because we ask first. We’ll even keep it anonymous if you prefer. So if you’ve got a problem and need some help, the Roll Out Show and our listeners got your back. Just DM @erockalypze or @delaneyalldaay

Delaney got a DM from an anonymous woman who’s boyfriend has become quite the gamer. Uh oh!

“My boyfriend has a new found love for gaming. Online. Offline. It’s cutting in to our time and I’m starting to hate it. What should I do?”

Alexis outta SLC chimed in with her advice as she’s experienced in the field..

“..honestly what it’s taken is changing the wifi password once in a while..” – Alexis

But if you can’t relate to Alexis, Nina from Pleasant Grove had a thought..

“..there’s too many damn buttons, I’m not gonna do all that configuration.” – Nina

I think it’s about meeting in the middle. Relationships take work, and sometimes compromise can be the key. Or just pickup the controller and spend less time being mad and make some memories. Life is way too short.

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