Russell Wilson Cops His Mom A Mansion For Mother’s Day!

Russell Wilson gave his mother a huge Mother’s Day gift, in the form of a mansion!

TMZ obtained video of Russell and wife Ciara presenting mom, Tammy Wilson with her keys to her new home, she’s visibly shocked saying, “I’m going to pee on myself!” Wilson also had a special request for Ciara. While wishing her a happy Mother’s Day, the richest player in the NFL asked Ciara about baby number 3, “So uh, that third baby? You’re such a good mom. You amazing, so, like, I was just tryna see…You know I believe in the number 3, too.” The request made Ciara lovingly laugh, but with a new 4-year, $140 million NFL contract there’s no reason why Ciara couldn’t take a few months off if she wanted to.

What is the biggest surprise you’ve given your mother? Is there ever a good time to have a baby?

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