Top 10 Celebrity Smolders

Here’s a list of 10 celebrities with captivating smolders. Let us know if we’ve missed one of your favorites!

#10 The Olsen Twins

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  We could have counted the Olsen twins as #9 and #10, but we decided to give a little more effort. Mary-Kate and Ashley have been providing us with burning smolders since we can remember, and that look has only gotten hotter as the years have gone by. For awhile we were scared that they might burn out, but in true child-star fashion they’ve managed to rebuild themselves a nice little fashion empire.

#9 Robert Pattinson

  There has always been talk and speculation about Robert Pattinson’s acting abilities. Some say he can’t act, and others swear he just hasn’t find the right role yet. In Pattinson’s own words, “I don’t know if I’ve really particularly found my feet as an actor yet…I have to prove certain things.” Regardless, of whether or not you think Robert can act, there’s no denying he could probably steal your girl with this smolder.

#8 Chrissy Teigen

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  What is there not to love about Chrissy Teigen? She’s gorgeous, she loves food, she’s a model, she’s married to John Legend and she’s all about embracing who she is. I think we’d all be about embracing ourselves if we could cast as look like this. That’s a lucky goat.

#7 Ian Somerhalder

Here’s another household vampire and his 145 year old smolder. Technically, I don’t think we ever really find out how old Damon Salvatore is, but however long he’s been on the earth he’s had time to perfect his smolder. (And I guess he really likes Brazil.)

#6 Nina Dobrev

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It seems like it’s pretty safe to say that if you have any affiliation with vampires your smolder is going to be on point. Nina Dobrev has been gracing us with her girl-next-door good looks since her time at Degrassi High, and has only continued to become more and more beautiful. Her seems like it will last for ages.

#5 Chad Michael Murray

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Chad Michael Murray can instantly turn any tv show or film he’s in to a chick-flick. His mere presence transforms any theatrical work of art in to a marketing campaign for the smolder targeted towards women age 14-25. His time on just about every adolescent television drama taught us one thing, watch out for the smolder.

#4 Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is worshipped by many as the most gorgeous of the Kardashian Empire. There’s no question that her smolder has the power to stop just about anyone dead in their tracks. I’m positive that many people just spend hours obsessing over her look and over all image. Way to go Kendall! Everyone either wants to be you or be with you.

#3 Justin Bieber

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You either hate him or you love him – Justin Bieber. So much could be said about Justin Bieber, but for right now we’re just going to leave this here.

#2 Cara Delevingne

My new @chanelofficial campaign @karllagerfeld @carineroitfeld @sammcknight1 @tompecheux

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Most of us would leave school at 16 years old if we looked like this also. Cara is only 22 and has accomplished more than what many of us will do in one lifetime. Here’s to you and that smolder Cara!

#1 Ed Westwick

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I wanted to give the #1 spot to Chuck Bass, but I suppose they’re the same person. (Although Chuck Bass embodies everything the smolder is about.) Ed Westwick has become famous from his smolder. He is the smolder. No other smolderer does it like he does. I’m positive most of us have stood in the mirror hopelessly trying to master this look. Great job Ed, you’re number 1!


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