Types Of Dudes You See At The Club


Whats up?! It’s Dj Bangarang from the 9 O’clock Block Party and Dirty 30 Mix in the morning!

This is part one of two of a blog post about to the type of people you’ll see at the clubs here in Utah. No one is safe so just be prepared. This week, I’m going to talk about the types of guys you’ll see at clubs.

1.The “Baller” in VIP- This guy typically wears his sunglasses inside the club because its super bright. Usually a little older with younger friends. Appears to have a lot of money, but  If he’s a younger guy, he’s probably and using rent money to buy that table and everyone their AMF’s.

2. The Creepy Old Dude-You know, I kind of feel bad for this guy. Getting turned down is a way of life. He’s easy to spot just look for the Affliction t-shirt and rhinestone studded jeans. These guys typically roll in packs and try to hit on women half their age. These guys LOVE AMF’s.

3.The “I’m With The DJ” guy-You can usually find this guy outside the club, trying to contact the Dj to get inside. Once inside, drinks all of the DJ’s tab by ordering AMF’s and uses pick up lines like “I’m with the DJ” or “Hey, I can get your song played, just dance with me.” You can find him hanging out at the DJ booth hyping up his DJ friend with an AMF in hand.

4.The “Dj”- This guy is a DJ. But he doesn’t get any gigs because he has a bad attitude, has no following, and doesn’t care about crowd reading. He’s usually somewhere in the corner also drinking an AMF critiquing every transition and song played. Also thinks he should be playing that because “the DJ sucks”. Has an opinion on everything musically and if you do not agree with him, you’re wrong.

5.”The Nice Guy”-Every club has this guy. He’s a nice dude. He’ll offer to buy a drink and try to get to know you. Often with a group of friends and is very shy. Get’s turned down often, simply because he’s nice, or not drinking an AMF. It’s unfortunate.


These are the types of dude’s you’ll see at the clubs here in Utah. Ladies, you’re not safe as next week I’ll be talking about the types of women you see here, Happy Friday!

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