65,000 Text Messages Later — And Still No Soulmate

Jacqueline Ades — a Paradise Valley, Arizona resident — has just sealed her fate on the web. The meme gods will surely have their way with this one and rest assured — receipts are in full abundance.

The 31-year old, is being held without bond and is set to appear in court on May 15th, after being accused of stalking a man. After one date, she was reported to have sent 65,000 text messages!!! I know couples who’ve been married for years and they still wouldn’t hold a candle to that type of passion.

“I felt like I met my soulmate and everything was just the way it was…”

Jacqueline was arrested Tuesday after being found in the man’s bathtub. She stated in an interview “But if you just give and you don’t stop giving, even if you don’t receive, you’ll all of a sudden receive a lot.”

That’s the kind of logic that could get you into trouble sometimes.

MOST of the time.

Court documents stated that Jacqueline sent the man an estimated 500 text messages a day and authorities even found a butcher knife in her car. She was charged with threatening, stalking and harassment. Remember the receipts from earlier?

One of the many strange and explicit text messages read “I want to wear your body parts.” Another message read “… bathe in your blood.”

Now with all this in plain sight, you’d have to think Ms. Ades is a bit.. off.

What’s even more off?

The fact that she said the man went on three dates with her. Go figure. 500 text messages a day? Gory imagery? Not the attention too many would crave. All the more reason to listen to that voice in your head when it tells you to swipe left.


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