Juggy’s Quest for 10…

For the past 3 seasons, my buddy Shaun & I have a had this friendly challenge of who can get to 10 MLB stadiums in one season.

Lucky for us, in both our professional & personal life, we get to travel. Traveling & Sports go hand & hand like peanuts & cracker jacks! I don’t know what it is about going to different cities & experiencing the home town crowds, the atmosphere, the pride, the $35 parking fee, souvenirs & of course the food & beer!

the past 3 seasons, both of us have failed to meet the 10 stadium challenge by 2-3 stadiums each year & this year is the year (we say that every year)

So far this year, i’ve made  2/10 stadiums.

(1) In my recent trip to NYC, I caught a Mets game @ Citi Field (my 1st time here)


(2) The same trip to NYC,  I had to go to the Mecca of Professional Sports, Yankee Stadium to see my beloved Bronx Bombers!


I have 8 more stadiums to go to complete the challenge.

I have trips booked in the following cities with teams playing:

(3) Denver

(4) Anaheim

(5) San Diego

(6) Seattle

(7) Los Angeles

(8) Arizona

(9) SF

(10) Oakland

Will we complete the challenge this year?

follow us on our journey to more ball parks…

DJ Juggy


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