MoviePass Has a New Plan. Again.

Changing things up yet again…

On August 15, 2018 MoviePass will have hit the one-year anniversary of their $9.99 price point and that’s the one thing they don’t want that to change.

To put it nicely, MoviePass has been struggling the past few months. I bought a year subscription from Costco and have been frustrated by the last month, to say the least. It seems as though every time I go to see a movie, the app is down, or they don’t support that showtime. Frequent changes to their service have caused headaches for many. At first, it was “see any movie, anywhere, anytime.” Which turned into “see a movie once, anywhere, anytime.” Which then turned into “no blockbuster screenings, anywhere, anytime.”

I thought to myself, well at least I got to see my fair share of movies over the past eight or nine months and essentially got my money’s worth. But, I still wasn’t happy after they announced Mission Impossible and other big-time movies would not be supported on the app. I figured that MoviePass would soon come to an end and I’d just have to accept it.

Well, once again, MoviePass has decided to make changes to its policy by limiting each user to three movies per month. Should I be mad? Maybe. Am I? Not really.

I mean, I basically only saw three movies a month anyway so it won’t affect me like it might affect others. MoviePass has also added a feature that allows a discount of up to $5.00 per movie if you want to see more than three a month. The good news is that many major studio films will be available on the app, with some exceptions. Ugh…



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