Remy Ma Makes Hypocritical Statement About Cardi B/ Nicki Minaj Beef

During an episode of “State of the Culture,” Remy Ma called the beef between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, “corny.”

“It couldn’t have been me, I’m different,” Remy said about the beef. “I’m not going to keep arguing with somebody.” Is it just me or does that sound oddly hypocritical? I mean she wrote and recorded two diss tracks about Nicki just last year…

Remy continued to talk about how the back and forth on social media got her riled up the most, “The part that made it corniest, after everything for a whole fifteen hours, they’re both like ‘Okay let’s be friends now’ I’m over it!” Check out the full clip below.

Do you agree with Remy’s opinion of the Nicki Minaj and Card B beef? Have you had a Twitter beef wit someone lately and then shut it down?

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