This One Simple Change Reduces Your Risk Of Depression By 23 Percent

If you’re at risk of depression there is one simple thing you can do to decrease your chances of depression by 23 percent.

According to a study by The University of Colorado Boulder, the Broad Institute at MIT, and Harvard University recently completed a genetic study of 840,000 people and found waking up an hour earlier would decrease the risk of depression by 23 percent. By waking up earlier your body is exposed to sunlight which can boost well-being. Waking up earlier makes people more productive. How do you become a morning person, if you’re not one already?  Place your alarm across the room so you have to physically get up to shut it off and you can also set your alarm five to ten minutes earlier each day until you’re waking up an hour earlier.

Do you think waking up earlier has kept you more productive and at less risk to be depressed?

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