U92’s DJ Competition Semi Finals Was Straight Fire!

WOW! The U92 DJ Competition Semi Finals was something I will remember for a long time! The crowd was in the house early to see 6 DJs with heart rock the crowd with confidence in their craft. I’ve been in so many DJ battles during an 8 year span, I know the feeling these spin wizards were feeling leading up to their set. Let me break my thoughts down of each DJ’s set.

DJ ITALIA – As the starting DJ of a fierce competition, he kept great composure. Like I’ve always said, it’s not easy going first. That’s when you analyze your competition. Italia’s set was a very clean set with hype trap and smooth transitions. This gave the early crowd an idea of how much it meant to these DJs about making the U92 Squad.

DJ J STYLE – The smooth transitions from song to song kept the crowd moving. The scratches that were executed during some transitions were hypnotic. Sometimes, it’s hard to impress the ladies in a club with scratching. You have to know when and how to add seasoning to the entree. He dashed these cuts over a tasty mix of steak and beats.

DJ MATTY MO – After the first elimination battle held at the BEAU campus, I knew this guy would be a challenge to those who moved on to the next round with him. He definitely came with confidence and gave the crowd what they would expect from these spin wizards. His set was a true party rockin’ thrill ride.

DJ WILL WONDER – I had noticed through each DJ’s set, there was this guy that shut the world out except his competition. This reminded me of my time battling in the Guitar Center Spin Off and DMC battles years ago, I was that guy. Well he showed and proved that it was there at the semis that his skills would belong. From Old School to New, the music selection was perfect for any genre. He also brought his supporters out like a presidential convention.

DJ CELLY CEL – The only DJ from the competition that used a controller instead of turntables. His preference in gear proved that you can do more on controllers than just push buttons and blend songs. He brought his flavor with clean scratches and dazzling effects. The showmanship is not something he practices because it’s expected… He is actually having FUN!

DJ MC – It’s not easy to incorporate Turntablism in a club style battle. But he showcased his talent so well. Beat juggles, back spinning and scratches were on beat and did not take away from those who are new to the art form. His execution of these tricks still kept the flow on beat.

Find out what four DJs will move on to our Finals at The Depot tonight during the High Noon Mix today (7-29-2016)
Good Luck to all you DJs!

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