Vanessa Hudgens Booty Popping For Jay Leno

Vanessa Hudgens

Ok. There are two takeaways from the following video. One: Vanessa Hudgens is HAWT! Two: Jay Leno is a dirty old creep.

Now you may notice that the video above wasn’t directly from the Tonight Show, or the Jay Leno show, or whatever. There’s probably a good reason why you can’t find this video on any official website or YouTube channel related to Jay Leno. If I were Jay’s producers, I wouldn’t want the interview out in the public because it is a perfect display of what a slime ball Jay Leno really is. The interview went something like this:

Vanessa Hudgens: “Oh heheheheheheheheh I am such a good dancer. I beat Madonna’s dancers in a dance off at a dance party at Madonna’s house. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.”


Jay Leno: “Oh really? You can dance, eh?” *licks lips*


VH: “No. You don’t even know. I can dance like booty popping style. You would DIEEEEEEEE! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!”


JL: “What is booty popping style? I wouldn’t even know what that was. I’d have to see someone do it. I mean, what is it?” *drools on his desk while looking shifty eyed back and forth*


VH: “HEHEHEHEHEHHEEHEHeheheehehehehehEHEHEHEHEheheehHEHEHheheheehehehehhHEHEHehehehehehe!!!!!!! LOLOLOL!!! OMGEEEEEEE! I can’t even! Oh I can’t even.”


JL: “Oh come on! I’ll bet you’re an excellent booty popper, whatever that is. Stand here right in front of my desk. I’ll lean forward so I can see.” *points to the band and motions to them to hurry the eff up and get some music playing*


VH: “Welllllll okay JAY! HEHEHEHEHEHEHHE. Here goes…” *booty pops*

Thanks for being a slime ball Jay… Otherwise we probably wouldn’t have had that video to watch.


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