LNF | Week 2: Kyle Flesch

This week we have DJ Kyle Flesch coming to us from San Diego by way of Montana!

From the jump, Kyle has been one of the most welcoming and realest DJ’s I’ve met. Dude has a crazy work ethic and you can tell that dude really puts his all into what he does. He’s also quite the hospitable person as well. One time my wife and I went out to San Diego to visit and he showed us around. In fact, he might have done too good of a job because the next morning we didn’t wanna get out of bed. LOL.


Kyle has always has had a love for music as long as he can remember. He credits finding his parents Def Leppard and Aerosmith records for helping him find his passion. The thing I like the most about Kyle is that he believes that being a skilled DJ is about more than just mixing good records, it’s about creating an environment. And every set he play’s, he creates that environment. Be sure to follow Kyle on social media…not only will you be kept updated w/ him, he’s also quite the health nut so you’ll learn a few things on living healthy.

Instagram: @DjKyleFlesch

Twitter: @DjKyleFlesch

Facebook: Kyle Flesch

Click the link below to stream.

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