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Beyoncé Twerks For 7 Eleven

Everyone has been waiting anxiously for Beyoncé’s new album: Beyoncé: Platinum Edition, yet with all of the anticipation it seems that another one of her songs have been leaked early. Following the early release of “Ring Off,” which talks about marriage troubles and wedding rings being removed –in reference to her mother- a completely different approach has been brought to…

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Birdman Gets Forced To Apologize At Gun Point

For years there have been continuous stories and rumors about Cash Money Records not paying their employee’s contractors or partners. Bryan “Birdman” Williams has been sued countless times by producers and construction liens just so that they can receive payments that they are owed. A past business associate of YMCMB took a different approach in order to express their displeasure…

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Rick Ross

Farmers Thank “Fit” Ross For Shouting Out The Pear

If you keep track of what’s trending online then you’ve probably come across a well-known vine of the rapper Rick Ross. In the video he shouts out “all the pear,” he recently lost a lot of weight due to his seld-described “Ross-fit” diet. During the video he was talking about the benefits of getting healthy during an interview with Tim…

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Grandma’s Smoke Weed For The First Time

With Marijuana becoming legal in various states, it’s only a matter of time before everyone decides to trade in their negative ideas on it for bong hits. A couple of grandma’s from Washington were recently introduced to the herb. Taking multiple bong hits and even smoking from a vape, these grandmothers were willingly recorded by Cut Video and the six minute…

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at the "Celebrate Mary J. Blige" Party Hosted by Jada and Will Smith. Boulevard 3, Hollywood, CA. 02-09-07

Bow Wow’s Fiancée Slept With 300 Men

Apparently Bow Wow’s girl, Erica Mena admitted to sleeping with over 300 people, along with that the couple has had to face a harsh reality as the rumor spreads around Twitter. Although before the jokes began, a comedian by the name of Tony Rock made a joke about Bow Wow’s lady which immediately caused him to react. He began by…

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USA - Imagine Ball LA - West Hollywood

Kitty Whooped: Tyga Skips Club For Kylie

According to a TMZ report, the rapper Tyga skipped out on a scheduled club appearance after he performed at a West Hollywood venue. The club Greystone Manor refused to let his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, into the club for his pre-birthday celebration. Kylie who just turned 17 on August 10th, is obviously not of legal drinking age and according to California…

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iPhone 5 launch at the Apple Store on Regent Street  in London, UK

Gimme 5: 5 Things To Take With You On Black Friday

1. A Taser Along with a Taser you should also probably bring a baseball bat, simply because you never know who you might need to tase or if you might need to smash someone’s window for stealing your parking spot. 2. A coffee mug filled with wine Dealing with crazy people on Black Friday is definitely not something people want…

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at the "The Other Woman" Los Angeles Premiere, Village Theater, Westwood, CA 04-21-14

Nicki Minaj Victim of Identity Theft

Apparently Nicki Minaj is facing herself with many problems this year, after releasing her new video “Only” the female rapper began to hear plenty of negative criticism but this is just one of her many issues. According to Radar Online, the rapper was hit with an enormous credit rate drop after she learned that her social security number had been…

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Aaliyah Biopic: Success or Failure?

Lifetime has been primarily known for its movies based on true stories.  In its recent attempt to release a captivating biography on the late singer Aaliyah, fans began to uproar. “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” had viewers rambling both positive and negative thoughts about the release. Fans were not pleased and on top of that, her family also did not…

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