Bangarang’s NFL Wildcard Picks!

What’s up world!

Fresh off vacation, I got some NFL Wildcard Weekend Picks for ya!


Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans

My Pick: Oakland

I like Oakland over Houston in this match up because I believe Oakland has the better team overall, back up QB and all. Although Houston has a tough defense, I think their offense is really not good enough to make an impact.

Detroit Lions @ Seattle Seahawks

My Pick: Seattle

I like Seattle because its hard to win there. It’s the second loudest stadium in the league. Detroit is good, but Seattle is better.



Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers

My Pick: Pittsburg

I like Pittsburg because have you seen that defense? Miami is good, in fact their defense has some big names, but Pittsburg has this guy named Ben Roethliseberger. Oh, you can’t forget about Antonio Bryant and Le’Veon Bell. Wait, why are the Steelers in the Wildcard again?

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers

My Pick: Giants

My hands are tied on this one, they really are. One one hand, you got Mr. Relax in Aaron Rodgers. Then on the other you got Mr. Clutch in Eli. And because of that, I have to take Eli and the Giants, not by much though!


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