How To Tell If Your BFF Is Really Your BFF [Nikki Rae’s 3 Way]

Your “BFF”, your “Rider”, your “Sis” or “Bro”…whatever you call your best friend, how do you know if they really are your BFF? Here are 3 ways to tell if your BFF is for real, or just somebody you’ve kept around too long.

Its  SALTabration…


Do they clap when you win? Or are they salty when you have good news? This is a clear indicator if your BFF is really in support of your success. If they are encouraging and supportive of your dreams and goals, always have positive words or advice for you, and have true heartfelt and genuine energy when you have good news, then thats for sure a true BFF. But, if you notice their energy shift when you have something good to tell them, like they are jealous, then cut ties ASAP. This isn’t someone who has your best interest in mind, they want to see you doing good, just not better than them.

Keep Your Enemies Close…


We all know the golden rule, if your BFF doesn’t f*ck with someone, neither do you. Your BFF isn’t your BFF if they are friends with people that don’t like you or people you don’t like. Don’t tell me someone is talking about me, tell me why they’re so comfortable telling you. If you’re BFF is cool with your enemy, you can be 100% sure they’re talking about you behind your back. Drop them now!

Issa Situationship…


Are you the one always making plans? Always calling them? Always making the effort to hangout? If you find yourself giving the friendship 100% but your BFF barely gives you 10%, why be friends? Nobody wants to feel like they’re putting in all the work and getting nothing in return. rethink your friendship, you deserve a BFF that loves you just as much as yo love them.

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