Keys To Being A Successful DJ

What’s up it’s your boy Dj Bangarang from The Dirty 30 Mix and 9 O’Clock Block Party!

In honor of DJ Khaled’s new track “I Got The Keys” I feel like I some drop some keys on how to be a successful DJ. This is very one sided/opinionated advice from my experiences. It may not work for everyone or you may not agree, but these are my keys to being a successful Dj.


1.Hustle- This one is the most important one of them all if you want me to be real. Promote yourself. You’ve got to let people know where you are. If theres one thing I’ve learned is that you got to work hard. Ask Questions and be willing to play for an empty dance floor. I can tell you first hand every DJ that’s playing big crowds now has played their fair share of empty clubs.

2.Don’t be a D**K- I’m going to keep this super short and too the point. Don’t trash talk any Dj’s and don’t be a negative person. Im not sure how the scene is in other cities, but dj’s here in Salt Lake City call the city “Small Lake City” for the simple fact that everyone knows everyone so word travels fast. Don’t be the guy who no one wants to work with. It’s much easier to love than it is to hate.

3.Deliver on your word- Do not tell the promoter that you can bring 500 people if you only can realistically on bring 5. It makes you look bad. Also, don’t be the guy who “claims” that they do things when in reality, they don’t. For example, don’t be the DJ who “says” they DJ for U92 but in reality they don’t at all. It’s a terrible look and now makes everyone doubt everything you say.

4.Be Humble-Ā Theres always someone out there better than you. You do not know everything. Listen to what OG’s have to say, EVEN if you don’t agree. It gains their respect and honestly you can take a little bit of information from everyone and make it apply to you. If you’re a night club DJ remember that very few people are there to see you. They want to dance and listen to their favorite tracks. So don’t be offended by song requests. (Open Format DJ’s run the world.) šŸ˜‰

5.Network-This should speak for itself. I always tell people, the power of saying hello goes a long way. Dj’s want to get booked but don’t go out and meet promoters or Dj’s. No one is going to book you based off your social media alone. Get with the movers and shakers in your industry, pick their brain, and see what they’re doing. Maybe you can add aspects of their game to your toolset and make it your own.


Like I said, this is my opinion on what it takes to be a good DJ. Dj’s did I miss something? Let me know your thoughts!


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