Song Requesting 101 w/DJ Bangarang

Yo! Its Bangarang from your Dirty 30 mix in the morning and 9 O’Clock Block Party in the evening!

It’s FRIDAY, so you’re probably going out tonight with your friends and theres a good chance that wherever you go, there will be a DJ. Now before we get started there’s something I need to get off my chest. As a DJ, I love playing songs requests. In fact, I think they’re great because as a Dj, it helps me feel out the room and get a grip on my crowd. BUT there is a certain way to do this, and if you want to get your songs played, follow my guide below and you will most certainly have success…


1.KNOW WHERE YOU ARE-If you’re at a venue that is known for Top 40 pop music like your Katy Perry’s of the world, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go and ask for anything like Biggie, Tupac, or some underground artist that you and your friends know. It’s a terrible look for you, and annoys the Dj.

2.If the DJ’s Head Is Down, They’re Busy Mixing- Okay THIS is one that really gets to me. Don’t keep tapping the Dj as I am mixing. Do not LEAN over any DJ equipment while trying to get my attention. I have peripheral vision sweetheart, if  you wait 10 more seconds I will talk to you.

3.The DJ Is Not Your Personal Ipod- This one kind of ties into number one. But if theres a song that you really love. But the crowd doesn’t, get over it I’m not playing it. The night is not about you. It’s about the experience and building energy in a room. Not making one person happy…unless you have a few hundred thousand dollars you want to tip me.

4.After Your Song Request-Congrats! You were polite in your request and I said sure I’ll play it. If it’s a song thats hot right now, I’m not playing it at 10pm when the doors just opened, Sorry. Also, don’t keep coming up to the Dj booth asking when I’m going to play your song. A lot of Dj’s, like myself, go off of energy. I’m not going to play a down tempo song during peak hours unless its Future…hahaha!

5.Respect The DJ- At the end of the day, the DJ is the one who is in control of the room. Do not disrespect the DJ as we are just doing our job, which is to keep people in the bar/club/event or wherever. You wouldn’t like it if I stood over you and critiqued how you did your job so do not do it to us.


After reading this, you’re ready to go. Have a good safe weekend, and don’t drink and drive.

Dj’s I want to hear your feedback, let me know if I missed anything!



Photo By: ballenmedia


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