Things You’re Doing That Annoy Your DJ Friend

Whats up! It’s Dj Bangarang from the Dirty 30 Mix in the morning and 9 O’Clock Block Party at night!

I’ve been talking with a few other Dj friends of mine and we’ve come up with a list of things that annoy us. Now, this list isn’t bashing friends but as Dj’s we all have THOSE friends….

1.Drinking On The Dj Tab– Drinking on the DJ tab is cool. But not when you drink ALL of the DJ tab. Its there for us to use as we please. If we give you the okay to drink on the tab, then you’d better TIP THE BARTENDER. Why? First off, its courteous. And second, you’re a reflection of us. Not tipping makes the bartender not like us…and that’s not good. Go buy your own AMF’s if you’re going to do that.

2.Having Conversations– This one actually happens more often than you think. Saying whats up and a quick handshake or hug is perfectly fine. But a whole conversation? Nah. Look fam, we’re DJing,  not counseling you. We don’t care about the latest gossip or the fact that you had too many AMF’s last week. Tell us about it over tacos later.

3. Song Requests-I wrote a little something on this a few weeks ago, check it out here. Yes we’re friends, but this does not mean you get any type of special treatment when it comes to song requests. Our job is to read a room and build the energy, not to please you. No I’m not playing anything off of Views or Lemonade, so shut up and go drink that AMF you got on my tab.

4.Touching The Equipment-What is it that friends wanting to touch Dj gear? This includes Mics, Mixers, Controllers, Turntables, or whatever is used to make music. Y’all have to chill. No you can’t make the record scratch or get on the mic. Step back about 5 feet and drink your AMF.

5.Arriving Late-THIS really grinds my gears. I don’t know what it is, but some people like to show up stupid late to clubs. You aren’t any cooler if you show up late, I promise. If the Guest List closes at 11pm, don’t show up at 11:15 expecting to get in for free. You can pay cover and buy your own AMF’s. If you’re really a friend, you’d show up early and support your local DJ, but thats none of my business.


Moral of the story, don’t be THAT person this weekend. Travel safe and don’t drink and drive.


Dj’s let me know what I missed!!




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