Fake News Strikes Again: YG “FDT”


It was reported that rapper YG broke a $60,ooo contract at San Diego State University (SDSU) when he decided to perform his hit “Fuck Donald Trump” or FDT for short. Several news publishers ran with the story (Complex might’ve been the first) and it seemed like it had potential to be a legitimate story.

I guess the keyword in that tweet was “reportedly.” My guess is the students at SDSU might’ve heard a rumor and ran with it on Twitter. 

But in a statement to SPIN, Gina Jacobs, the interim chief communications officer at SDSU, reported that YG was paid for his performance despite performing the song. Raven Tyson, member of the Associated Students of SDSU, also told SPIN that the group informally requested that YG wouldn’t play the song, but didn’t threaten to not pay him if he chose too. The student committee was advised that an artist can be asked, but there’s a possibility that the artist will still play the song. On the night of the show, YG told the crowd that he wanted to play the song even though he had been asked not to by the Associated Students.

With this knowledge it’s now understandable how students could’ve thought he broke his contract and wouldn’t be paid.

Moral of the story is don’t trust everything you see on twitter! Who knows? Maybe it wasn’t a fake story after all and now what I wrote is now fake news.

-Intern Kev


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