Rich Homie Quan promotes Rape Culture in a Leaked Track, Internet Not Impressed

Photo taken on Rich Homie Quan Instagram
Photo taken on Rich Homie Quan Instagram

Rich Homie Quan

Photo taken from Rich Homie Quan’s Instagram

There was once a time when the line between rapper and raper was non-existent, but lucky for us all Rich Homie Quan is taking the initiative to step up and show us what it’s really like to in showbiz in 2015. In a leaked track (possibly intended to be a hit with the ladies everywhere) he raps “I don’t want your ho/ I just want that cookie from her/she tried to resist so I took it from her/How you gonna tell me no?/You must not know who I am.”

The internet has already erupted in backlash which has prompted him to make a feeble attempt at an apology, trying to say the song was never intended to be released. He says this song was “lyrically” not what he intended it to be, so I guess we are all left to assume that the lyrics in question are really him trying to get delicious pastries from a girl who doesn’t want to share with him. Either way, he still comes off as sounding like a child who has finally been told no after being spoiled rotten for years.

Rape culture is more prominent than ever in this day and age, and while it is excellent to see the internet collectively voicing their opinion that Rich Homie Quan is a piece of trash, it would also be nice if we didn’t have to collectively call him out in the first place. Wouldn’t it be nice to assume for just one day that talking about your desire to rape someone, probably isn’t a good idea?

I’ve never heard of Rich Homie Quan, and this song isn’t helping me to seek out what else he has to offer. I can only imagine his next track that will blow up will involve murdering his mother. If “making it” in the hip hop business means you are entitled to rape someone else’s “ho”, then I feel like all progress that has been made has been blown to smithereens. I’d like to say that this song was never a running for the song of the summer, but Robin Thicke still had a massive hit a few years back with a song (and music video) referring to women as nothing more than sexual objects. But both those songs have catchy beats which makes it totally OK to still listen to.

Saying you want to rape someone and then apologizing for that statement does help, but the bitter taste still lingers on.

DISCLAIMER: This is from my point of view and doesn’t reflect the views of U92.



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