WATCH | The “Bachelor of Provo” is a Real YouTube Series

Living up to the stereotype…

Provo is known for a different style of dating. Simply put, it’s not like anywhere else and The Bachelor of Provo lives up to the stereotype.

If you’re not familiar with the reality TV series The Bachelor, it features a handsome young man looking for the love of his life. He then proceeds to date 30 women at the same time, eliminating a select few each week until he proposes to “the one” at the end of the season. I’m not exactly sure if The Bachelor of Provo will end with a proposal, but knowing Provo, I wouldn’t put it past me.

With over 100 thousand views on YouTube, there’s a reason I’ve been seeing it pop-up on my Twitter.

Critics are calling it awful, yet irresistible.

Something tells me he’ll be watching episode 3?

I’m not sure if episodes will release weekly since it’s not a professional series and is homemade, but some can only hope it does.

Catch up on the first two episodes below.



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