3 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know! [Nikki Rae’s 3 Way]

With the dramatic change in Utah weather from Winter to Spring, your beauty routine needs to keep up. Here are 3 major key beauty hacks every girl needs to know!

Cover Your Bases

As the weather warms up, your skin will quickly adjust. Normally during winter, your skin is dry, so your makeup most likely stayed in one place. Now that it’s getting hotter, your skin is more likely to sweat and or produce oil, making your makeup slip and slide all over the place. Sure, face and eye shadow primers help to combat that, but you may be your own worst enemy without even knowing it.

Pay attention to your bases!

What is the base ingredient in your makeup? It will most likely either be water, oil, or silicone. If you’ve had trouble making your makeup stay in one place it may be because of the different bases in your makeup! Ever heard of the old saying “oil and water don’t mix”? If you’re using a water-based primer, or concealer, and an oil-based foundation, the 2 products will reject each other instead of meshing together. This will cause streaks, and your makeup will last a lot shorter than you would like it to. Moral of the lesson? Use like kind bases and you won’t outwear your makeup!

Pump Your Brakes!

You ever notice how fast your mascara dries out? It may be because of the way you use it. Most of us have a bad habit of “pumping” our mascara wand in and out of the tube when applying it. Pumping your wand causes air pockets in your tube, causing your mascara to dry out way fast. Instead of pumping it, twirl or swirl the wand inside the tube. This will coat the wand evenly and helps avoid drying out the product.

Fake It Til’ You Make It

We all know the day before its time to wash your hair is the worst. In these times, dry-shampoo is your BFF, It buys you an extra day of looking fresh and clean. If you find yourself in a jam and dont have any dry-shampoo on hand, just use baby powder! Sprinkle a little bit on your scalp and brush it through the ends. Your hair will look and smell super clean til you wash it.




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