4 Reason Why You Won’t Find Me At EDC

What’s up?! Dj Bangarang for the Dirty 30 Mix and 9O’clock Block Party checking in!

Now, before I get started with this post, I just want to be clear. This is not an attack or anything dissing EDM music or its culture. Personally, I am a fan of all genre’s of music. So if you happen to get offended, get over it.

1. Crowds- As I’m sure you guys know, EDC attracts a lot of people. But honestly, it attracts a little bit to much of a crowd for yours truly. Big events are way cool. As a Dj, I love playing big events, but I hate being in big crowds. I rarely step out for big events and when I do I’m supporting homies, have a free ticket, or I’ve got a table or backstage pass.

2.Ticket Price- Okay, THIS one here. I’m all for paying good money to see artists. But when I go to your website and the first thing I see is how to set up a payment plan, I’m turned off. Kudos to them for allowing people to do that. In fact I think thats the coolest thing ever. But I’d rather not pay the folks who put EDC on when we have local event companies like V2 and Recess Club that do an amazing job bringing A-list artists. Basically what i’m getting at on this is that I’d rather keep the money local if I’m going to spend that much money.

3.Heat- Vegas in June. Need I say more? Don’t get me wrong, I love vegas as much as the next guy. In fact, I go about 3-4 times a year just to relax. But theres something about it being 105 degrees at midnight that honestly is just not attractive to me. I’m lazy and heat makes me tired. Dancing in the heat? Nah fam, I’m good. Thanks though.

4.Hotel Price- I’m bougie when it comes to this. Every time I’m in Sin City I have to stay on the strip. It’s just something about being in the middle of all the action that I like. However, this is virtually impossible when it’s EDC week. Even the cheapest places on the strip are 150 plus a night. Not being cheap but I’m not paying 150 a night for a 2-3 star hotel. No I’m not staying off the strip, and i’m definitely not doing Air BnB.

I am a fan of EDC and personally maybe i’ll go in the future.

What are you guys’ thoughts??

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