That Moment You See Your Baby’s Eyes For The First time. Father to a Micro-Preemie.

My daughter Jasmine Mae has given her father a wonderful gift. The gift of seeing her eyes locked on mine for the first time!

As some of you may know from my prior blog, I am the father of a beautiful micro-preemie born just 25 weeks along. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for her mother and I, but she is starting to defy most of the odds against her. Brought into this world with her eye lids still infused, only time would tell when they would open.

Well after a week and a half of her birth, it happened! One eye opened 2 days before the other. When the nurse first told us about this monumental moment, we were ecstatic! Each day that I went to visit my baby though, she was either sleeping or sedated with no eyes open. Until one Saturday… As my step daughter Allie and I approached her incubator, God’s gift to daddy happened. THE BEAUTY OF HER BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES!

Gazing at me with the sound of her jet ventilator pumping oxygen into her still developing lungs, the warmth from my heart soon rippled through my whole body. There she was, Gods gift to the world looking right back at me. A memory that will remain with me forever. THANK YOU FATHER IN HEAVEN! Her eyes are just as beautiful as her mother’s!

With just a thin glass wall separating parent and child, I am still looking forward to the day I get to smell my newborn baby. #FathersLove


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