Beat the Summer Heat with My Guide to Staying Cool.

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What is up besides these summer temperatures lol.. Luckily for me my AC is colder than an Eskimo’s shovel but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Not to worry though I got you with my  “Beat the Summer Heat” survival guide.

  1. You gotta switch your style up. Cotton is the way to go, cotton clothing will keep you cooler than most synthetics. Oh and if you fancy rock some Egyptian cotton real breezy.
  2. Throw some shade. Closing your curtains and blinds keeps your crib cooler during the day, opening your windows at night allows that cool Utah breeze to flow thru la casa.
  3. More fans than Kanye. The more fans you got on deck the more cooler you feel especially in an air-conditioned house those fans help circulate the cool air.
  4. So fresh and so clean. Take frequent showers or even a bubble bath for you fancy types in cool or tepid water. That will lower your body core temperature and keep you cool.
  5. Don’t be thirsty. This is automatic and you already know drink hella water I mean hella hella water, keep yourself hydrated. If you’re like me or if you just fancy then sports drinks is cool for those electrolytes ya dig.
  6. Can’t take the heat stay out the kitchen. Avoid the stove especially when the block is hella hot. Instead snack on cold meals or cold dishes during the day sandwiches, chicken salads, sushi, fruits or even my favorite a bowl of cereal to hit the spot and cool you off.
  7. On thin ice. I’m a Vega$ boy so you already know I got some sheets and pillows in the freezer, yup you read that right I keep my sheets and pillows in the freezer for those hot summer nights. You’re very welcome.
  8. Switch your game up. If you don’t have AC or your AC just ain’t acting right then its time to hit the mall that’s free AC for real!
  9. Sink or swim. This is my favorite activity hanging out by water whether its a lake or a swimming pool always a great way to beat the heat. The temperatures are usually cooler around lakes and  you already know a dip in the pool will keep you cool. Don’t forget the spf.
  10. Go off the grid. Last but not least when you leave la casa make sure you turn off all your electronics turn the lights off turn all the power off might not seem like much but it makes a difference. No power means less heat plus its dope to conserve energy.

Hope this helps you stay cool for the summer its gonna be hotter than Future’s Mixtape lol. Its all good now you up on game.  Turn that AC on and Stay cool Utah.

DJ Handsome Hands

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