WATCH: Have You Seen This ‘Interesting’ Performance Of The National Anthem in Summit County Utah?

She might be someone’s WCW but let’s just say this singer doesn’t have the best shot at being the next American Idol. Yikes! This National Anthem video has gone viral and not for good reason.  According to KSL, Jennie Gautney, a resident of Francis, Utah performed the National Anthem at the demolition derby in Summit County and left spectators in shock. Many accused the singer of being drunk and disrespectful. Gautney posted an apology on Facebook and claims she was NOT hammered while singing the National Anthem and that it was errors in the sound system that caused her to perform so poorly. She said she wanted to try a slow rendition and that she could not hear herself.  You be the judge lol. Either way I guarantee you’ll find it entertaining. Best of luck to her and the rest of her career.

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