Instagram Officially Tests Hiding The Like Counts on Posts

Good idea or bad idea?

We’ve all done it, or at least have had a friend that’s done it: waiting for the right time to post so it gets the most likes.

Social media has turned into a popularity contest and Instagram wants users to post based on their feelings and not by how many likes they’ll receive.

I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t post much on Instagram because I don’t think you need to post as much as other people do, however, I also don’t want to post something that only gets 10 “likes.” Instagram can be discouraging. What if your post doesn’t get as many likes as you expected? You then have the thought that other people will see that your post didn’t get many likes and now you look like a nobody. You’re not one of the cool kids, right? Wrong!

I commend Instagram for even testing to hide the number of likes your post gets. You will still be able to view everyone that liked your post but would have to count them manually if you truly want to know how many it got.

Would you prefer that the likes on Instagram be hidden?



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