Nicki Minaj Is Trolling Cardi B by Selling Fight Merchandise

Nicki Minaj Is Trolling Cardi B by Selling Fight Merchandise…(eye roll emoji)

Leave it to Nicki Minaj to profit off a controversial situation. She’s is selling merchandise based on the “fight” between her and Cardi B that took place during New York Fashion Week.

The t-shirts and backpacks say “Nicki Stopped My Bag.” The phrase actually came from Cardi herself as she claimed that Nicki was trying to shut down her money, which obviously isn’t the case. Cardi has had more success than ever since the fight, breaking records and becoming the first female rapper to have 3 hot 100 records on the charts…something Nicki has never accomplished.

The merch also includes a logo for the QSA which stands for the Queen Security Administration. Since Minaj’s album is titled Queen, it’s appropriate.


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Do you appreciate Nicki for her business savvy? Do you think Cardi will respond in-kind?

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