Offset Fakes Emergency, Surprises Cardi B with Lamborghini Truck For Her Birthday

Offset devised an elaborate plan to surprise Cardi B for her birthday, and it was kinda messed up…

Cardi explained on Instagram that she was told to go to Atlanta because something was wrong with Offset. She said, “Motherf*****s called me talking about ‘it’s an emergency, I gotta go to Atlanta because Offset fainted and s**t,’ and I’m just like ‘Oh my god what is going on?'” She then turned her camera to the new Lamborghini truck Offset surprised her with. Cardi said, “And look what I got here. I’m so happy. Dang now I’m really gonna have to learn how to drive.”

It’s an early gift. Cardi turns 26 on October 11th.

Have you been tricked into a surprise? Did someone say it was an emergency and it made you anxious?

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